Technology, when used properly, can transform a classroom and build necessary skills to prepare students to be engaged thinkers, problem solvers and world citizens. Technology resources prepare students for online testing and reinforce classroom content however, integrating technology can do so much more.  Technology creates a contemporary learning environment that will excite students, ignite curiosity and develop authentic problem solving skills. Technology provides a platform for collaboration and links students to the world outside the classroom. With the expected boom in the technology workforce, technology in education is critical. Educators must embrace the opportunity to integrate technology into instruction. Proper integration of technology blends Common Core Standards, ISTE Technology Standards, digital citizenship, and the state mandated list of technology skills with classroom curriculum. Technology skills can help teachers to work smarter, not harder, to create contemporary classroom environments that boost learning rigor.  I have worked in instructional technology for the past 20 years, so I bring extensive hands-on experience in implementing technology both for teachers, K-12 students, and administrators. I have developed a genuine passion for the role technology plays not only in transforming and supporting education, but opening opportunities for students upon graduation.